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  • We are in the process of completing the website and we hope to see members joining GearMaster -
  • - We welcome all Sponsors and Donations to help provide Prizes for Matches and Tournaments in the upcoming months -
  • - Game Servers will be up and running for players soon as we complete our funding process -
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GEARMASTER provides the Ultimate Place for eSport fans
to get stuck into the action and compete with each other for the
Glory and the Prize Money

Create Teams

Create a Team and challenge other players and start ranking fairly on the GearMaster Platform and start winning Prize Money

Game Servers

GearMaster will provide Game Servers to Teams for the purpose of Tournaments and hopefully all Members in the upcoming weeks

News and Blog

There is something for everyone and if you just want to stay up to date with eSport, then our Blog is where you can get the latest news

Donate or Sponsor

If you would like to Donate or Sponsor an event, simply contact us and we will be happy to get the details of what you are offering


We also have Sim Racing on our Calendar as we
are great fans of all types of Motor Sports and over the course of time
we will add more Sims and Tracks

BattleFy Tournaments

GearMaster Tournaments are handled via BattleFy and we supply the Servers for the games we directly sponsor, to ensure that you get all the glory that is deserving…
We transition scores on BattleFy to the GearMaster website, to keep everything updated

Game Servers

GearMaster will be providing Dedicated Game Servers for GearMaster Tournaments and over the course of time and based on Subscriptions and Donations, will extend that out to all Gamers.

First: We will Provide Game Servers for all in-house Tournaments to run alongside Battlefy

Second: As we grow and begin taking in Subscriptions and Donations, then we will be in a financial position to open up all servers to all Gamers for their private matches and Tournaments

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Top Teams




    Tournament Begins: 07/06/2020 01:55:59 pm

    Tournament Type: Round Robin with knockout

    Tournament Author: GearMaster

    Maximum Participants: 32 teams

    Current Participants: 5 teams

    Prize: $10000, $5000, $1000, $500, $100



    Tournament Begins: 05/20/2020 01:55:59 PM

    Tournament Type: Ladder

    Tournament Author: GearMaster

    Maximum Participants: 64 users

    Current Participants: 10 users

    Prize: $10000, $6500, $1000, Coffee mug

Some of the Games We Host and Sponsor [Coming Soon]

Action Games

MMO Games

Sim Racing Games